2 Months ago, I went out for a drive to take some pictures of the snowy-foggy-day. Lighting wise, (it wasn`t very good). It was cloudy and the sky was too grey. Already satisfied with the shoots I had taken earlier in the day, I called it the day and decided to head home. As I reached down to grab my tripod ready to leave, I stood up besides my car and this is what I saw. The antenna and the exterior lines of my car, plus the background of the fences made it visually interesting. So I grab my tripod, made this shoot, and away I went. Soon after I got home, I reviewed this shoot up close on my computer and thought it was a nicely well composed photo but I really didn`t paid any attention to it. A few weeks later, while sorting and editing my pictures, I came across this shoot again. It made me realized what had attracted me to this shoot in the first place. Was it the scene, the mood or the soft light? Why do I like this picture? Why does it stand out? Does it need an explanation?


“Pictures don`t always need to be masterpieces”.