Fun at the playground with "visual designs"!!

Today, i felt like i was kid again!

On my way home from a meeting today, i drove by this playground at a local school. Luckily, i had my camera with me. The vivid colors of the bars and the swings really strucked my eye. So i had to stop to take a few shots. As soon as i walked in the "sand-filled" playground, i suddenly felt like i was a kid again! Looking upwards at the sky, daydreaming with the clouds. Taking the time to enjoy the beautiful visual display that the playground provided me with.

The picture possibilities was endless. The different types of shadows on the sand formed by the monkey bars was visually interesting (i could have stayed there for hours). I deliberately underexposed my shots to maintain the black tone of the falling shadows.

All in all today i had loads of fun taking pictures :)
After all, i was in a playground right :)


Lisa said...

I love the feeling of walking barefoot in the sand at a playground. Your photos bring that feeling to me! I really like how the shadows look like sunset shadows, and yet it was midday?