Breathtaking sunset (June 2th 2007)

The sunset sky last Saturday was AMAZING!!
Here are the results of a few images i made that night.

P.S These pictures haven`t been manipulated in any way shape or form. They haven`t been re-touched. These are all straight shoots.

Camera setting : ISO 100, F-stop 4.5
Exposure time : 1/125


Brian Branch said...

Great images Martin.

Martin Cormier said...

Thanks :)

Gabriel Robichaud said...

Hey Martin,

These sunsets are really nice. And I mean that 100%. I have seen so many sunsets. Its hard to take a bad sunset picture just by the nature of the subject... but wow. I love these sunsets. They are a cut above your usually sunset photo.

What kind of lens are you using for those landscape type shots! the color saturation is really interesting, it really captures the mood.

great work.

I loved your Band photos too. The one with the guy that has the cigarette hangin out of his mouth is awesome, and the band all around the drum looking up, great great work. You really have an eye for staging. I'm jealous. I suck at stageing portraits.


Martin Cormier said...

Hey Gabriel!

Thanks for the comments!

For the type of lens, currently i`m using a Nikon VR 18-200mm. Almost 95% of my shots are done with this lens. I love it that much!!! lol