Self-Assignment and thinking sideways

Giving yourself self-assignments can help you to improve and challenge your photo skills. I often give myself these photo assignments simply because it trains and improves my "eye". The idea behind this, is to visualize outside the box in order to come up with interesting photographs. Rather than trying to come up with "masterpieces". Throughout the years, I have learned a great deal about the concept of visual design, simply by observing the world around me.

When is the last time you went under your kitchen table? When is the last time you have really looked at a flower very closely? When is the last time you looked out from your window for more than 5 minutes? When is the last time you looked underneath your shoes?

Questions like these will definitely create a sense of curiosity in your photographs. Followed by a sense of openness and awareness from the world around you.

Think and visualize outside the box :)
A new world awaits you.


Gabriel Robichaud said...

I spent 40 minutes last week taking photos of a flower that someone had cut out and put in a glass with a bit of water... Well... Great opportunity for taking pictures. Nobody seemed to understand why I would want to take such boring pictures... they changed their mind once they saw the results.

Your aticle expressed what I was thinking.

Your balls are nice by the way. LOL.