Extra minutes...

Last August, i was asked to take some photographs of the Acadian Day festivities. I was very happy to attend the ceremony because i knew that there was going to be a lot of photo opportunities. When i got there, the festivities had already begun. So i quickly started to photograph, afraid to miss anything. Away i went....click click click....

Soon after i was taking photographs like crazy, i sat down to relax a bit.
My eyes were still browsing the scene, looking for shoots.
:"Should i leave now...i said:"
At that moment, i was about to leave, thinking that i had all the shoots covered. So i decided to stay because i knew in my mind that its impossible to have everything covered. Little did i know that the next few shoots were going to be the best ones.

Always keep in mind that happy accidents can occur while taking photographs. The lesson here is to never assume that you have enough pictures or have seen everything.
Take the few extra minutes to browse around and really feel the space. You will likely end up with images that you will keep and remember always.

Just like this photo.


Brian Branch said...

Indeed, there’s a lot of expression in this shot. good one.