Quality Of Light

There is a striking difference in the quality of light in both of these photographs.
It only took about 10 minutes for the clouds to clear and the sunset light to appear.

There is a major difference in the look and feel between both images.
The first one convey a feeling of sombre, dark and dreamy. While the other one conveys a feeling of liveliness, hope and warmth.

Its amazing how the quality of light can transform a rather dull scene to a splendid one.


Juggling Jason said...

Cool demo! Very simple but it teaches a lot, patience, observation.

I'm wondering, were shutter speeds and other settings the same for both pics?

Martin Cormier said...

Hey Jason,

Good question :)

Both images were set at F-32.
First image was set @ 1sec and the second one was set @2.5 sec.

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