We breathe the same air and share the same sky

I would like to take this opportunity to thank
my fellow blog readers, who have e-mailed me with their nice comments on my work.
P.S Its always a pleasure receiving your e-mails.
Again thanks!

About a month ago, i started a new photo project on
the lives of mentally challenged people.

I spent too many years putting aside this project,
Always too busy with life, with business and responsibilities.
I just simply never took the time…

So, with Determination, I set off.
I didn’t really know what to expect or what I was getting myself into.
I just knew that I finally needed to make this project happen.

What happened will forever change the way I look at people again.
This experience has touched me in ways that I never thought possible.
Or could ever truly express into words.
It has made me realize more than ever that.

"We breathe the same air and share the same sky."

About 2 weeks ago, i did a slide presentation of the first series of these images.
It was for the "Musical Line" event.
The response from the audience was outstanding.
It was a wonderful and memorable evening.

Some of you have asked me to post the slide presentation in my blog.
So for those of you interested in seeing the slide show,
Simply follow the link below:



Gnostic said...

A tragically neglected subject sensitively handled. Those portraits are revealing, a tiny glimpse into the lives of people sidelined by society. You have captured a gamut of emotions from despair to joy. These people have put their trust in you and you have uncovered a quiet dignity that is often overlooked or worse, ignored. Well done.

Lynne (aka silverwolf)

Paula said...

Martin once again your work is amazing! You've once again realised a beautiful project.Thanks for sharing this work at "La Ligne Musicale " If I did inspire you to follow up this project to realisation last April I am proud of that. It's during project like these we can create and express our true self and photograph the beauty of life and in people.
A huge fan of your work and a friend,