A new venture begins...

I have wanted to open my own studio for a while now. However, I have found it very difficult to find premises that was nearby, spacious and ideal. I'm excited to say that last week, I picked up the keys to my new studio which is located in Cap-Pele, a mere 10 minute drive from my place. It's also the city where I grew up.

The arrival of my new studio coincides with wanting new directions in my photography. I have been putting lots of personal projects on the back burner this past year or so. It's always a challenge to balance between client work (paid work) and personal work. If one wins, then the other one fails. Juggling both requires discipline and hard work. It's about being conscious of time management while maintaining a good balance between efficiency and productivity.

I'm constantly learning this "balance" thing. I'm a Libra after all. Makes sense doesn't it :)

I see this new opportunity in my life as a mean to swipe off the collected dust of ignored ideas. Creating new goals for myself and to be inspired once again. This time around though, I'm aiming the light at my future goals.

A new venture begins...

And here is the first shot taken in the studio. It's of my assistant Marc Leblanc. We were testing out the lights and equipment in the studio and I took this picture. It's my way of saying thanks to him for all he's done to me. He's a great friend, an amazing assistant and also the best "voice activated light stand" there is :)

Marc -1

P.S Photos of the studio will be posted soon :)