Themes Collection (Series #11- Weightless)

Are feelings weightless?

Is beauty weightless?

Are thoughts weightless?

What about courage? Is that weightless?

And how about gathering 16 plus size woman to do a photoshoot to help empower women about their inner that weightless? Yes it is, and it's also fearless.

The idea of a single still image can have a lasting effect on a person. It can
change our point of view, transform our thoughts. The idea of a single
photograph, in relation with the viewer, can produce an emotional response.

Photos are not only memories or cherished moments in time.
They can also be empowering, influential, striking, controversial, compelling,
moving and impressive. In other words, if a photograph can affect a person (the viewer), it requires no understanding or reasoning as to why it did. Same as music..

Those were the thoughts i had while undergoing this photo project...

I would like to take this opportunity and thank my models for participating in
this beautiful project. It takes a lot of courage, determination and confidence
to do so. And you guys proved exactly that! Your task as models that day wasn't easy by any means :) But you all believed in my vision and made it easy for both myself and my assistant.

Together as a team, you guys emphasized the point that were all
equal and weightless. No matter our size, no matter our weight.

Thanks for taking part and believing in this project.


As to why i did this project...

It was to visually prove a point and make it clear in a form a photograph that
beauty is matter our size or weight

The choices i make as a photographer are a bit similar to the choices of a
carpenter. I see photographs as a means to construct, design and assemble.
Leaving minimal margins of error. While thinking big, seeing ahead of time, seeing the big picture, like large scaled buildings or houses. If built properly, the structure of a photograph can be a place where we can live in...

In retrospect, if a picture is worth a thousand words...then what would it say?

Plus Size (Photoshoot) - 1

Plus Size (Photoshoot)-6

Plus Size (Photoshoot)-13

Plus Size (Photoshoot)-18

Plus Size (Photoshoot)-22


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Gabriel Robichaud said...

VRAIMENT martin, tu ne fais que t'améliorer et te dépasser à chaque fois... bravo!

Lisa LeBlanc said...

Merci à toi pour avoir réalisé ce beau projet. Merci pour avoir su comment capturé notre beauté réelle. Beaucoup de gens se créent un handicap en voyant pas plus loin que l'image physique.

Lisa :)

Grochowy Tato said...

Great project, Martin!