Updates / Happy Halloween

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Feels like I haven't posted anything in years :)

Better get down to it and keep the blog machine rolling!!!!

Where am I? you ask..

Well...It's that time of year where I'm in what I call "full wedding edit mode". Projects are put on hold till I get most of my wedding edits completed. I often get asked the question :"How much time does it take you to complete a wedding?:" Well, it takes a lot and by that I mean A LOT of time to complete a wedding...from start to finish. To editing, designing albums, to preparing and printing. The list goes on and on!! I guess certain people don't realize the amount of work we do as photographers..specially wedding photographers. It might be a lot of work but it's very much worth it. Specially this year, couldn't ask for a better wedding season. Soooo looking forward in posting my favorite wedding pics of the season. For those who asked when...well..Soon..in the next few weeks or so :) *Fingers Crossed*

Other than weddings, things are shaping up well. Have lots of new and interesting photo projects coming...my creative gears will be shifting to new directions..to new places. Bring it on!!!!!

Ohh and by the way BOO!! Happy Hollow-Weeeeeeeeen!!!!

P.S Nobody was harmed during the making of the photo above ;)


Anonymous said...

Love your work!