Importance of time and photographs

Photography helps us relive the past and in a way to keep in touch with the past. Photography in general is a very important tool that is used to memorialize our lives and experiences.

We often take for granted the importance of photographs until the subject of one of the images passes on and then we are left with nothing but the memories.

The world around you should not be one of chaos and disorder.
There is opportunities and golden precious moments everywhere. All around us at any given time.

Take 5-10 minutes of that time and make it your own.

P.S The photo below is of my late grandfather. It's one of my personal favorite photographs.
It was taken about 10 years ago. Just about that time when I started to get involved in photography. Shot with film, shot with natural light, shot with little experience or know how. I simply shot away..a few frames later, I had a lifetime in front of me. Lifetime meaning that it's now there forever...

At that very moment, I felt it was the beginning of my very own photographer's journey.

Time doesn't control us. If we let it control us, then we are missing out on the important things in life. The things that matters, the things that indeed makes us forget about time..

Albert Cormier