Don't think twice, just do it!

When your 3 year old kid ask you to take photos of them
making silly faces...SAY YES!! and act quickly...set up quickly!!Don't think twice, just do it!
Take that opportunity to play a little. It's not the time to worry about light,
composition etc...It's about having fun!

Dax-Olivier (Quick Session)-1

Dax-Olivier (Quick Session)-2

Dax-Olivier (Quick Session)-4

Dax-Olivier (Quick Session)-6

Dax-Olivier (Quick Session)-8

Dax-Olivier (Quick Session)-9

Dax-Olivier (Quick Session)-13

Dax-Olivier (Quick Session)-14

Dax-Olivier (Quick Session)-15

Dax-Olivier (Quick Session)-16

Dax-Olivier (Quick Session)-19

Dax-Olivier (Quick Session)-24

Dax-Olivier (Quick Session)-29

Dax-Olivier (Quick Session)-36

Dax-Olivier (Quick Session)-41

Dax-Olivier (Quick Session)-42